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What's the „ÖH“?

„We help you or we find out who can help you”

ÖH IMC Krems
The Students’ Union at the IMC FH Krems (short: ÖH IMC Krems) is the legal representation of all students at the IMC FH Krems. We are happy to be the first contact point for all questions and problems of the students during their studies. We therefore offer you the possibility to always contact us with any questions!

Generally, the abbreviation “ÖH” is addressing the Austrian Students’ Union, i.e. the Federal Representation of all students in Austria, that is located in Vienna. When taking about “the ÖH” at the IMC FH Krems, most of the times it refers to the local students’ union – the ÖH IMC Krems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All students of the IMC FH Krems are automatically members of the Austrian Students’ Union and therefore are paying the ÖH-fee. This “mandatory membership” includes an accident and liability insurance (please see ÖH-Insurance).


We represent the students’ interests at the IMC FH Krems. The right place for your concerns – we help you in all phases of your studies


Your study time should be one of the best times of your life. Our services will offer you the support to be able to enjoy studying and your life in Krems!

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