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The „ÖH IMC Krems“ is divided into three levels of representation

The Students’ Union consists of students, who are democratically elected and who are working voluntarily on different areas of the ÖH IMC Krems.

All students are more than welcome to get actively involved in the process of representing the interests of the students The ÖH IMC Krems is divided into the following thee representation levels:

University Representation

The University Representation (FHV) is working on topics and issues that are relevant for all students of the university or special individual cases.

Study Representation

The Study Representation (SV) is responsible for topics that are relevant to students students from more than one cohort or different study programmes within the respective SV.

Cohort Representation

The Cohort Representation (JV) is taking care about matters that are relevant for students from one specific cohort.

Basics of the organisation


Statutes of the ÖH IMC Krems
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Legal basics


Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaftswirtschaftsverordnung
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HSG 2014

Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaftsgesetz 2014
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Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschafts-Dienstvertragsverordnung
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HSWO 2014

Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaftswahlordnung 2014
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Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaftsraum- und -verwaltungsbeitragsverordnung
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