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Other committees

Student representatives are also active in other committees

In order to represent the interests of the students on all important levels, the members of the ÖH IMC Krems are regularly delegated to working groups etc.

Here we list the most important committees were student representatives are being present.

Academic Board

Since 1999 there is an academic board at the IMC FH Krems that is responsible for all academic matters, i.e. the organisation and the realisation of the lectures and exams. In the academic board the decisions regarding the academic topics, that are relevant for the whole university, are taking place.

Student members:
Magdalena Fischer, Juan Baer, Daniel Zins

Conference of all Chairpersons of Universities of Applied Sciences

This committee of all chairpersons in Austria is meeting at least twice a semester on different locations. Especially the demands from and for students of universities of applied sciences is an important topic. In addition to the meetings, there is a continuous exchange through the respective e-mail-list.

Our member:
Juan Baer

IMC-Environment Team

The environment team of the IMC FH Krems is meetings repeatedly per year on order to discuss improvements in the field of environment and sustainability. The yearly IMC Sustainability Day is being supported by the ÖH IMC Krems. Moreover, we support events regarding those topics regularly (e.g. Clothing Swap).

Our member:
currently none

Qualitiy Assurance Pool

The are of quality assurance is of enormous importance in the higher education sector. Therefore also the ÖH IMC Krems is regularly sending members to the QS-Pool, so they get educated there. The members can then take part in audits and accreditation procedures of other universities in Austria and abroad. Of course they then bring back their experiences for the benefit of the students of the IMC FH Krems.

Our member:
currently none

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