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Office of Social Policy


Jasmin Pacher Head

I am inspired by the many opportunities to help other students. The topic “studying with children” is of special importance for me as I myself am a happy mother and at the moment the respective supporting offers are missing.


  • Hannah Nemeth
  • Kerstin Hirsch 
  • Olga Ciobanu
  • Stella Zubakova  



Consulting and supporting with problems in the everyday life of the students

Financial aid

Advise regarding governmental aid, ÖH-insurance etc.

Local fundings

Information about local fundings, e.g. mensa bonus, social funds, sports funding


Cooperation with campus ministry, Hilfswerk etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All students that pay the ÖH-fee have a valid accidents- and liability insurance through ÖH. An electronic confirmation can be summited by the federal students’ union.

    In order to get the confirmation, please write an e-mail with the subject “Bestätigung” and your full name, your address and your student ID as well as with your confirmation of enrollment attached to the following address:

    More info can be found here: ÖH-Insurance

Sports funding

Sports funding offers you the opportunity to attend a big number of sports courses – around 60 sport types, e.g. rowing, rugby, yoga, are being offered.

Active students of IMC FH Krems can apply for a discount of 20% or a maximum of € 30,- of the course price through the ÖH IMC Krems.

Mensa discount

In order to get the discount for the mensa at campus Krems, please just come to our ÖH-office during the opening hours to get additional info.

Students with less than 300 Euro available a month for food are eligible to get the dicount of 1 Euro per menu at the Mensa Krems from the ÖH IMC Krems. The budget has to be confirmed to us – of course we treat the matter with absolute discretion.


Accident- and liability-insurance
All ÖH-members automatically have an accident- and liability-insurance due to the payment the ÖH-fee. The insurance is made at “Generali Versicherungs AG”. It covers (almost) all cases (that are related to your studies). It is not a health insurance, household insurance etc.

Coverage (Examples)
Generally, all damages and accidents that are directly related to your studies are covered. Furthermore, events with a direct connection to your studies (e.g. excursions, field trips, licenses,… ) are covered. The insurance is also valid during the exchange semester and covers almost the whole world (exceptions e.g. USA, Australia, Canada).

Hotline of the “Generali Versicherungs AG”
from Austria: 0800 204 4400
from abroad: +43 1 204 4400

Social Funds

Students that are in a situation of financial hardship, can apply for support from the social funds. The fund consists of budget from the Federal Students’ Union, the ministry and the ÖH IMC Krems – each pay one third.

 The situation of financial hardship can be e.g. unexpected increase in accommodation costs, costs for the studies, one-time payments for medical care etc. To be eligible for support from the social funds, the student is required to prove the social indigence and circumstances of the financial hardship, prove they are not living with their parents, do not get governmental aid for students and are successful in their studies.


Contact social funds:
Department of Social Policy of the Federal Students’ Union
Taubstummengasse 7-9/4. Stock, 1040 Wien

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