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Economical Affairs

Office of Economical Affairs

Richard Bondor

Richárd Bondor Head

It is my goal to make sure that the students get the most benefits for their ÖH-fee. That’s how I can contribute to a great study atmosphere in Krems.


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Responsibility for all financial activities


Advise and support regarding the application for fundings of the ÖH IMC Krems


Ongoing controlling as well as preparation of the book keeping in cooperation with the tax consultant and the auditor


Creation of various financial documents (annual budget, forms etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • According to § 38 Abs. 2 HSG 2014 the Austrian Students’ Union is obligated to collect a membership fee from every student each semester. This ÖH-fee is then distributed and the ÖH IMC Krems gets 95% and the Federal Students’ Union keeps 5%. In addition €0,70 will be collected for the ÖH-Insurance .


According to §41 Abs. 1 HSG 2014 all spendings are based on the approved annual budget (JVA). This “JVA” specifies the cost framework or partial budgets for the respective areas. Moreover, the University Representation must prepare annual financial statements, which must be accompanied by an audit report from an auditor. This controls the actual use of the budget and checks compliance with all legal requirements.

The following principles form the foundation of the work in the “WiRef”:
• correctness,
• expediency,
• economic efficiency and
• easy controllability

Cohort Funding

Each cohort has the opportunity to apply for funding through the respective Cohort Representatives at the responsible Study Representation. The Study Representation decides on the exact amount, approval of the application and the appropriateness of the potential funding. There is no legal entitlement to funding or a specific amount of funding.

Funding is to be granted if at least 75% of the respective students (with the exception of students on PTS, ARTS, Exchange) benefit from it as part of their studies. The event to be funded must also be related to the course of study, e.g. excursions, seminars, workshops, book orders, software applications or laboratory equipment. Only one application may be made per academic year and the amount of funding is limited to 10 Euros per student per academic year – different regulations can be made by the respective Study Representation.

Once the Study Representation has approved the funding, the complete application form with all the necessary documents must be submitted. No individual transfers are made to students, but rather collective transfers, either to a person from the cohort who initially pre-financed the costs, or the invoice is directly paid by ÖH IMC Krems.

Cohort traffic light Display of availablitiy of cohort fundings

You can check here, whether your cohort can still apply for cohort funding. You can also see what other cohorts have used the funding for. If you have any questions, please contact the office of Economical Affairs or the study representation responsible for your study program.

Funding used up

Funding used up

Funding partially available

Funding partially available

Funding fully available

Funding fully available

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Application form for cohort funding
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Application form for the refund of KM-expenses
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Application form for refund of expenses made for the ÖH IMC Krems
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Sports Funding-Form

Application form to apply for the funding of sports courses
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Application form for the lump sum compensation
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