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University Representation

The University Representation (FHV) represents die general and study-specific interests of its members

The University Representation at the IMC FH Krems consists of the following people:
Nine Mandatories
Five Heads of the Departments
Four Chairpersons or Managers of the Study Representations

The Chairing-team has the tast to execute the decisions by the respective bodies, the representation as well as the ongoing business. It has to consider all relevant regulations and decisions.


University Representation

Mitra Azad Chairwoman

There are two things I love about the work at ÖH. 1. The people – the tem, that I am working with and the students, that I meet – are simply great! 2. Bringing ideas to life


Linda Polakova 1. Deputy Chairwoman

What I love about working it ÖH is the smile on the faces, e.g. after an successful event. Then I see that the hard work pays off

University Representation

Stephanie Pfann 2. Deputy Chairwoman

As member of the ÖH, I love it to work together with a motivated team and to develop projects for the students. Also I like to help in case it is needed, to ensure the best possible support.

Protocols & Reports

The University Representation needs to have at least two ordinary meetings per semester. There it is mostly being discussed how the budget is being used, how new ideas and projects will be realized and what will be the focus of the work in the way of motions, that are then debated and voted upon.

The meetings are generally open to the public and all students are very welcome to join as listener – we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Mandatories 2019-2021

Students Of Krems

Megan McFadden

Marlene Stockinger

Linda Polakova

Jasmin Pacher

Stephanie Pfann

Mitra Azad

Peter Seyfang


Daniel Zins

Federico Steinhoff

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